I buy my Ethiopian Fire Opal in the raw rock form. I have to chip away, soak, and sand off all the rock and clay that covers them. Sometimes I purposefully remove pieces to get the desired shape for my pendants and earrings. I wire wrap or put bails on them. After this process is complete, I of course have debris. I get rid of the unwanted clay and rock, but keep the flecks and chips of opal that are remaining. I use the tiny pieces to put in bezels or tiny cylinders that can be worn. I have to pay by the gram for it, so I try not to waste any of my opal. It’s a tedious job to prepare the opal when I buy it, and is hard on my tools, my fingers and fingernails lol. I bought the small Ethiopian Fire Opal beads that I used from a different source. It was a long process to make these, and required a lot of opal pieces to build them up, pieces at a time. My goal was to make them look druzy like. I’m pretty happy with the end results.

Sterling Silver Ethiopian Fire Opal Bezel Earrings

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