935 Argentium Silver Wire Wrapped Kenworth Fordite (also known as Detroit Agate) Pendant, On a 20” Long Beautiful Solid 925 Sterling Silver Snake Chain. Two sides, for two separate looks, equals more bang for your buck. Comes with a gift box


Fordite (also known as Detroit Agate) is not a stone, but a manmade material that came out of an assembly line at the Ford Motor Company. It’s made from layers and layers of paint, that has been cut and polished to create beautiful pendants etc. Back in the day (60’s and 70’s) cars were painted using hand operated spray guns (no longer used), and they found that fordite could easily be shaped and polished and used to make jewelry. Given that Fordite came about by way of layers and layers of different colors of paint, when cut it shows many different cool designs, and each side is different. Every piece is one of a kind. Wear a piece of history



Fordite Pendant Necklace

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